Having a healthy balance between physical and financial assets, purposeful investment and aligning them with life goals is the key to achieving  Financial Freedom


Our client could not only achieve this balance, but also executed business expansion, while keeping his peace of mind intact.

Asset RICH, Cash poor, had made Jack a dull investor

Being a business owner can be challenging especially on personal and business expenses fronts. It’s tough to separate one from the other. One of our clients had a similar challenge, wherein he had a couple of properties total worth being 5 Cr. but he was struggling to get the ends meet, and especially with business related expenses.

Pentagraph Financial Planners evaluated the assets, liabilities, inflows, outflows, and the short, mid and long term goals. Our study revealed an improperly planned and scattered portfolio. Our Financial Advisors educated the client on the difference between a business account and a personal account, helped him get into the habit of regular cash infusion into structured portfolios, and achieved a healthy balance between physical and financial assets.

Clarity on investment purpose, life goals and aligning them is the key to achieving Financial Freedom.

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