Wealth Administration


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In our experience of working with several industrialists, entrepreneurs and organizations across the world, we recognize the complexities and understand the concerns HNIs and Ultra HNIs have to deal with. Our ideal client for wealth administration services is the one who has achieved financial freedom, but is still overwhelmed with tons of wealth, finance and insurance related decisions, in addition to running her or his businesses and family matters. Such namesake financial freedom can only add on to one’s anxiety.

Pentagraph partner engages with you on a regular basis, only to ensure that your wealth takes care of its own growth and purpose, while you explore the riches that a well-deserved affluent lifestyle offers you. Our decades of experience and detailed study and monitoring of domestic and international economies, markets, trends, promising opportunities, geo-socio-political events and the subsequent uncertainties, keeps your wealth well-protected.

“The Captain Of A Ship Isn’t Worried About The Wind And The Waves, For He Is Guided By The Set Of The Sails Which He Trusts….”

The real value of life is TIME Spend it on people who matter the MOST

As your Personal Wealth Coach, our Partner invests his expertise into deploying risk management strategies, wealth improvement prospects and wealth distribution techniques which help you in achieving your life goals while gifting you the time to spend the way you want.

Wealth Administration

Worrying about financial freedom that you have achieved is not freedom at all. All you need is a partner you can put your trust in and know that your wealth is in safe hands, and your freedom is undisturbed.



Upon onboarding, the very first activity that we conduct is to check if you and your business are exposed to any vulnerabilities.



The term ‘Wealth’ is often perceived as something one tries to achieve, or aspire, and reach a destination or a “La La Land”.



As your Personal Wealth Managers, we work along with you to define the key objectives that you wish to achieve through the wealth…

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