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Why Do I Need To Fill This Questionnaire?

It will help us to help you understand your TRUE SAVING POTENTIAL, hence, efficient use of resources
You can take better INFORMED DECISIONS
You are BETTER PREPARED for life’s uncertainties (achieving financial goals & commitments of your loved ones, even in case of any unfortunate event)
Understanding of the RIGHT INVESTMENT CHOICES - Where and how much to invest into different investment avenues
CLARITY of thoughts & your life goals and therefore PEACE of mind
It helps you understand the CAUSE & EFFECT of every financial decisions you make

Therefore, to really help you safeguard from financial vulnerabilities and fulfil your aspirations through a scientific & structured planning, we want to know more about you, and understand the elements that are really important for you in your life.

Please share your email id in the space given below to proceed with certain very basic questions as the first step towards your financial freedom.

Primary Information

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Marital Status

Income Slab

Are you happy with your savings ratio on monthly / annual basis?

Are you happy with the financial provisions that you have made for your spouse, partner or family in your absence?

Do you have enough to take care of your expenses for the next at least 12 months in case of any unforeseen or unfortunate events such as job loss, disability or critical health issue?

Are you confident about achieving your current financial goals?

Are you the sole decision maker for all your financial decisions?

Are you happy with your past financial decisions?

Have you ever worked with a financial advisor before?

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We really appreciate the time you have invested in taking this first step towards financial freedom.

Please give a 48 hours to get back to you with a constructive feedback. We may need to connect with you in case if we need some more information from you.

Please note that the information submitted by you is strictly confidential and secured, and will not be used for any other purposes, except for generating your Financial Health Check-up Report.

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