In life and in finance, Success is defined by the quality of life you live, and not just the money that you earn or save.


The family could live closer. in addition to this, the husband found a new job that empowered him to make necessary provisions for any future expenses, investments or liabilities.

Pragmatic approach & professional handholding helps take the RIGHT DECISION

One of our clients had a unique challenge. The husband was working in Muscat with a net income of INR 55 Lakhs and wife was working in India. They obviously wanted to live together, but they weren’t clear if it was a wise decision for the husband to shift to India as his salary would drop to almost half (INR 20 – 25 Lakhs) of his current income. Wife could not travel to Muscat as she was working here, with their two sons, who were still studying. They were afraid this drop would affect family’s future including children education, post-graduation, their own retirement, etc.

With a pragmatic approach we prepared their future cash flow with current assets and inflow of INR 25 Lakhs per annum for the husband. It turned out to be a feasible proposition even with 8% of growth rate.

With this confidence, he shifted back to India and found a job for himself for net salary of INR 28 Lakhs.

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