Most of the times, all it takes is the right direction and push to reach for the stars.


They could now manoeuvre their investments towards achieving their financial goals, in addition to having a sound self-worth.

To achieve Success, Direction is more IMPORTANT than Speed

Our client is a doctor couple who had been struggling since several years on financial stability. They had a few FDs which added up to a few lakhs (a few hundred thousand) rupees, and no financial assets. Besides, with the ongoing housing loan, car loan and a few other financial liabilities and commitments including the education fees of their children, they had lost a sense of direction towards a better future.

Pentagraph’s financial planning partner studied their monthly cashflows, and helped them take some important decisions in terms of savings, investments and expenses. This enabled them to clear off loans, and route their inflows to Mutual Funds, Stocks, NPS, PPF, and more.

Within a few years, they were able to build financial assets worth 2.25 Cr.

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